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X-Factor——2 Factor As A Service.Using X-Factor cloud service to protect your applications


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Google Authenticator Supported, FingerPrint Supported,
OTP Supported,
QrCode Supported.

Flexible User Management


Create User Quickly,
Import Users in Batch,
Connect to Enterprise Identity Store,
Ldap and AD supported.

The Simple and Strong 2 Factor Authentication


Easy Used Self Service,Multi Authorization Entry Point,Multi Authorization Way and Easy to Integrate 2 Factor

Authright Group

Authright members are experts of Cloud, IAM and System Integration. To provide Professional, Efficient and Security solution to our customer is company goal..

  • Security Consulting Service
  • new-generation IAM Solution
  • Cloud storage
  • Network Security Solution
  • System Integration
  • Newtwork Integration
  • Cloud security


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Authright technology information security consulting services are primarily based on national policies and national information security standards, based on customer demand for information security, information technology and security
Information security management information security consulting. Security consulting services including network penetration testing, information security risk assessment, corporate information security
Planning policy based on national level of protection, the use of scientific methods of risk assessment, and tap the gap between user needs and level of operational security to protect the safety requirements,
Help enterprises successfully completed level of protection of information technology work to meet the needs of enterprise information security in national policies and operational aspects。

Authright Security identity and access solutions help safeguard valuable data and applications with context-based access control,
security policy enforcement and business-driven identity governance. Armed with user metrics and audit reports on user
entitlements and access activities, you can deal more quickly and efficiently with the complexities of user access
management, insider threats and compliance requirements.。

Authright Technologies network security services to customers running system implementation of comprehensive security. Our technology provides effective access control,
Specific network segment, access services, establish a control system to prevent the vast majority of attacks. Regularly check the security holes, through periodic inspection,
Even if an attacker can reach the target, but also allows the vast majority of attacks ineffective. While a particular network segment, the service monitoring system set up attacks.
The vast majority of real-time detection of attacks and take the appropriate action (such as disconnected from the network, log the attack process, tracing the attack source, etc.)。

Authright Technologies Has a technology is mature, experienced team, your company can provide high-quality systems integration services. We are on
Basic user operating environment fully on the investigation, to provide you with complete optimization of the overall design, the system efficiency, resources
Sharing and distribution as well as system security is integrated into a unified platform to achieve a safe, efficient and convenient management。

Authright Technologies has extensive experience in network systems integration. We will be based on the characteristics of user demand, combined with changes in network technology development,
The technology used by a reasonable choice for the user network integration solutions. The use of system integration method, the hardware devices in the network project
, Software, network infrastructure, network devices, network system software, network infrastructure services systems, application software and other organizations to become one,
Making it able to form a complete, reliable, economical, safe and efficient computer network system.

Cloud security is Authright technology, with many years of experience accumulated cloud platform security architecture, providing customers with cloud security services. Information is the enterprise IT energy
Information security relationship to the company’s survival and competitiveness, in terms of resources shared cloud infrastructure, protection of safety information is the most important issue.
We have no spare no effort in data security services to personal identity authentication, data confidentiality, data storage, to prevent customer information from unauthorized disclosure, loss,
Theft, alteration, to protect the integrity and security of information.